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Swara Bhasker reacts to Kangana Ranaut being slapped; says ‘She was only slapped, people are actually dying’

Swara Bhasker who is on sabbatical after motherhood recently made a statement on Kangana Ranaut being slapped at the airport by a CISF officer who was reportedly angry with her statements during the farmers protest. There have been many who have slammed this incident and questioned the security, while Swara too condemns this act but even mentioned that the actor turned politician was only slapped there are many who have been killed too. Also Read – Kangana Ranaut REACTS to the viral video of PM Modi with Giorgia Meloni; ‘He makes women feel…’

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In her interview with a senior journalist Swara said, “There is nobody who will justify the violence or an act of assault which Kangana suffered. So yes, what happened with her was wrong and shouldn’t have happened. It is not right to assault anyone. What people were telling Kangana’s right-wing supporters was that they shouldn’t be speaking up about this, because they are those who justify lynching.”

The actress who has worked with Kangana in Tanu Wes Manu added, “Kangana just got slapped–and even that should not have happened–but at least she is alive, and has her security around. In this country, people have lost their lives, they’ve been lynched to death, shot dead in a train by a security personnel, in riots, security personnel have been recorded beating up people.”

Swara further stated, “The problem with the Kangana case is that she herself has used her platform to justify violence. Her past tweets resurfaced, including the one for which she was banned from Twitter, where she has almost called for a genocide… Then she had also justified Will Smit slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, saying that if her mother or sister was abused, she would have also slapped someone. So now what do you say? What happened to her wasn’t right, and the one who did that has already been suspended and punished. So there, justice has been served, but those who have been killed in the last ten years in the country, the perpetrators are roaming free”.

Do you agree with Swara Bhasker’s point of view?

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