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Chandu Champion Star Cast Fees: Kartik Aaryan charges hefty amount for the film; Here’s how much others earned [Video]


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Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan’s film Chandu Champion has been released in theaters. This film hit the theaters on June 14, in which Kartik’s acting impressed everyone. This film has received great reviews.

Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan’s much-awaited film Chandu Champion has been released and the film is getting a very good response. The film is a biopic and the movie is also inspiring people a lot. All the characters in the film are appreciated a lot, so everyone is curious to know how much fees the stars got for this film. Kartik Aaryan has charged a very heavy amount for the film. The actor has constantly said during the time of promotions that he had to work very hard for the movie. Let us tell you that the Bollywood industry’s popular actor Kartik Aaryan has worked in many hit films in his career. Kartik Aaryan is in the news these days for his film ‘Chandu Champion’. This film of Kartik Aaryan has collected Rs 5.40 crore on the first day. Let us know about the fees of the star cast of the film.

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