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BL Awards 2024: Akshay Oberoi, Gulshan Deviah, Karan Wahi reveal how crucial is social media for an actor’s career


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Bollywood actor Akshay Oberoi, Gulshan Deviah, Karan Wahi opens up on how social media is very crucial for an actor.

On the 5th year of the BL Awards 2024, Karan Wahi, Akshay Oberoi, and Gulshan Deviah participated in an exclusive panel discussion. The topic of the discussion was the impact of social media on an actor’s success and failure. All three actors shared their thoughts on this matter, and interestingly, they were not entirely in agreement. They emphasized that while social media can play a role, the most crucial factor is an actor’s hard work and talent. They highlighted the importance of honing one’s skills and delivering quality performances. According to them, success in the industry is achieved through dedication and perseverance, rather than solely relying on social media presence. It’s refreshing to see these actors prioritizing the craft and emphasizing the significance of personal growth and professional excellence.

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