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Anupamaa serial upcoming twist: Will Anu play cupid and get Anuj married to Shruti?

Anupamaa TV serial: Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna and Sudhanshu Pandey’s show is keeping audiences hooked to the screens. A lot of drama is entertaining the audience. Anu played by Rupali Ganguly is being loved for her character. She is going all out to ensure that Dimpy and Titu’s wedding goes without any drama. However, with drama there is no Anupamaa. Recently, fans got to see that Anuj broke off his engagement with Shruti. It is because Shruti hatched a plan against his beloved Anu. Now, Anuj has confessed his love to Anu. Also Read – Anupamaa serial upcoming twist: Vanraj curses Anupamaa for breaking trust; will she not have a happily ever after with Anuj?

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In the latest episode of Anupamaa, we see that Anu (Rupali Ganguly) is crying as she feels that she is the reason why Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) called off his engagement with Shruti. Anuj shows up and shields her from the rain with an umbrella. He finally confesses that he is in love with her and wants to get back with her. Anupamaa is shocked and how. She tries to leave but Anuj confesses his love again. But Anupamaa is guilt tripping. She returns home and Devika asks what happened. Anupamaa once again states that she came in between Shruti and Anuj. Devika asks her to not blame herself. Now, in the upcoming episode, we shall see Shruti and Anupamaa meeting. Anu states that she will have a conversation with Anuj Kapadia and ask him to get back together. That’s what she told Anuj earlier. She told him that Anuj and Shruti should get back together again. So will Anu play a cupid between Anuj and Shruti? Will she get them together again for the sake of Aadhya? Also Read – Anupamaa serial spoiler: Shruti sacrifices her love to reunite Anuj-Anu; angry Aadhya gets into massive argument with her pops

Here’s a video of Rupali Ganguly joining politics

Anupamaa does not want to get in bad books of daughter Aadhya who already hates her because of the past trauma. Well, whatever it be, it will be very entertaining for sure!

In the precap, we see Anupamaa being all angry on Vanraj. She plans to trash him if he throws tantrums during Dimpy-Titu’s wedding. She then bumps into Anuj who is completely mesmerised by how pretty she looks.

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