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Anupamaa serial twist: Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni wins accolades for her emotional scene with Anuj Kapadia post Shruti’s exit; ‘Why she always suffers?’

Anupamaa TV serial twist: For the longest time now, Rupali Ganguly has been winning tons of praises from the fans for playing the titular role beautiful. She has been able to keep her fans glued to the screen. But she also has the support of the strong supporting cast. Gaurav Khanna plays the role of Anuj Kapadia and he has become one of the most favourite characters of the industry. Now, Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni plays the role of a grown up Aadhya. She has also become the talk of the town as she has a very strong character to play in the show. Also Read – Anupamaa serial spoiler: Will Anupamaa accept Anuj in her life again after he goes against her decision to be with Shruti?

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In the recent episode of Anupamaa, Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni pulled off quite an emotional scene. Aadhya wanted her father Anuj Kapadia (Gaurav Khanna) to get married to Shruti. But he is in love with Anupamaa. Shruti pulled a stunt to humiliate Anupamaa and target her professional life. She got exposed and Anuj Kapadia gave her the engagement ring back. Now, Shruti who had come down to India from America to attend Titu and Dimpy’s wedding has returned to the States again. She left a letter for Anuj Kapadia saying that she is going back and she will be meeting him again in America. She also wrote that she has already made Aadhya understand the situation. Aadhya got very emotional as her father Anuj Kapadia stated that he won’t let anything wrong happen to anyone close to them. Aadhya did not say a word but her emotional facial expressions got all the fans feeling bad for her. Aadhya’s behaviour has often been the topic of discussion. Many have questioned how a 13-year-old is mingling so much in her parents’ equation. However, the emotional scene has only got accolades for Aurra. Also Read – Anupamaa serial upcoming twist: Vanraj curses Anupamaa for breaking trust; will she not have a happily ever after with Anuj?

Here’s what fans are saying about Aurra.

Parents ne bohot sacrifices kia but unn sacrifices se iss bacchi ko kya mila?#Anupamaa ko chhodke jana tha chali gaye, avi nehi laut na wahi karrahi he. Anuj ko shaadi todna tha tod diya.
Iss bacchi ki wish sirf ek family thi parents wahi nehi de paye kavi ?#AadhyaKapadia

— Iseee (@Iseee65623330) June 30, 2024

Without any single dialogue #Aurrabhatnagarbadoni as #AadhyaKapadia nailed her expressions ??? ek choti si family ka sapna dekha tha iss bacchi ne vo aajtak pura nhi ho paya..
Why she always suffers?adults ke feslo se hmesha aadhya ko bugtne padhe hai? #Anupamaa @KalraRomesh

— ਪ੍ਰੇਰਣਾ ਮੇਹਰਾ ♡ (@Prerna_Mehra786) June 30, 2024

Anuj & Aadhya.. My heart breaks for them ?? #AurraBhatnagarBadoni was exceptional in this scene.. her silence & stillness spoke of her pain, louder than words ever can!

Can never tire of saying #GauravKhanna & Aurra are phenomenal actors!! ✨️❤️#AadhyaKapadia #Anupamaa

— Eksie (@ektajesswani) June 30, 2024

Usually Aurra ankho se maximum emotions express karti he. But iss scene me Aurru ki ankhe jhuki hue thi phir v Aadhya ki sare emotions clear thi, woh thak chuki he, give up kar chuki he.
You are a brilliant performer Aurru ???@Its_Aurra #AurraBhatnagarBadoni #Anupamaa

— Iseee (@Iseee65623330) June 30, 2024

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Though Shruti has left India, she will be waiting for Anuj Kapadia in America. What will happen when Anuj, Anu and Aadhya return to the States?

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