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Uorfi Javed amazes fans with her creativity; her ‘monumental dress’ deserves attention [Video]


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Uorfi Javed was recently seen wearing a monumental dress. The actress looks beautiful in white.

Uorfi Javed, who is often in the headlines for her unique fashion choices, is once again in the news. Let me share with you that Uorfi Javed was recently seen in town wearing a white off-shoulder dress with black thread work resembling the Taj Mahal. Some time back, she garnered much praise from fans for her distinctive outfits like her magical gown and electric dresses. However, after a video of her in this new dress went viral, netizens criticized her for allegedly provoking religious sentiments. The motif of this dress caught the attention of many. She is now facing a lot of trolling and hate due to this new dress. To know more about Uorfi viral dress you can click on the link given below and watch the whole video.

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