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Uorfi Javed amazes everyone with her new magical mirror dress [Video]


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Bigg Boss OTT fame Uorfi Javed’s new look is too hard to miss.

Bigg Boss OTT fame Uorfi Javed’s name is included in the list of stylish actresses in the industry. The actress was recently spotted in a black blazer dress. To make her dress more unique, Urfi had pasted articles of golden mirror work on the dress. Not only this, Uorfi could also move these articles. Urfi Javed is often seen experimenting with her outfits and her outfits also come into discussions due to being unique. The actress has been praised many times for her outfits, although many times she has also had to face trolls. Urfi Javed often remains in the headlines for some reason or the other. The actress is very active on social media and is often seen sharing her videos and photos. For more information, definitely watch the video.

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