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Sonakshi-Zaheer wedding: What sets Sonakshi Sinha’s bridal fashion apart from others? [Watch Video]


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Sonakshi Sinha chose a simple wedding look by wearing her mother’s ivory saree with chikankari embroidery, looking elegant and unique. Watch the video to know more about it.

Sonakshi Sinha decided to break away from big fashion brands and designers, choosing a simple wedding look instead. She shared her wedding pictures on Instagram, showcasing her in an ivory saree borrowed from her mother’s wedding collection. This particular saree was originally worn by her mother, Poonam Sinha, during her wedding on July 9, 1980. Sonakshi embraced the family tradition by giving the saree a fresh twist. Opting for a minimalistic approach, she paired the saree with her mother’s choker necklace. The ivory saree is adorned with delicate chikankari embroidery, adding an elegant and distinctive touch to her bridal ensemble. Sonakshi’s choice to honor her mother’s wedding attire in a new light made her look truly graceful and one-of-a-kind on her special day. Watch the video to know more.

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