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Ranveer Singh returns with Johnny Sins for sexual health care ad; netizens bowled over, ‘He can do anything’

Ranveer Singh has been promoting sexual health care via a brand he has been endorsing. The Bollywood actor has working alongside Johnny Sins for the same. After surprising netizens with the previous ad on sexual health care, the actor is at it again. He has dropped another video for the brand and promoted it in such a cool way that netizens cannot stop talking about it or commenting on his post. The new video of Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins from their brand endorsement is going viral.
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Ranveer Singh drops another sexual health care ad with Johnny Sins

Talking about the new Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins ad, it has been shot as the old TVCs that would air. Ranveer takes the duties of the host promoting and selling the brand, just like TLC. We see Ranveer asking the viewers about the problem and presenting them with a solution. Johnny makes an appearance twice in the video, once as a husband and once as a doctor. The ad has humour and is also informative at the same time. Also Read – Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif and more Bollywood celebs who are neighbours

Watch the new ad video featuring Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins here:

Netizens react to Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins ad

Netizens are bowled over by the new Ad for the sexual healthcare brand featuring the Singham Again actor and the adult star. They are hailing Ranveer for slipping into the character and performing it to perfection. Fans now truly feel that he can do anything and everything under the sun. The bold attitude of the Don 3 actor is winning hearts. At the same time, the dialogues have grabbed attention. Some of the dialogues have left fans laughing out loud. Check out the comments here: Also Read – BL Awards 2024 winners in Social Media category: Sakshi Sindwani, Vagmita Singh and more walk about with top honours

Watch this video of Ranveer Singh here:

Ranveer Singh, Johnny Sins’ ad sparks controversy

When the first ad broke out, it was shot in a TV show format. A few of the TV stars were not happy with the same. They felt the industry was being mocked with such an ad. Ranveer Singh’s ad for the brand came as a huge surprise. But even more surprising was Johnny Sins’ appearance in it. Needless to say, fans are now appreciating the creative genius behind the ads.

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