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Rakhi Sawant on Salman Khan firing incident, Ambani wedding and more [Watch Video]


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Rakhi Sawant’s concern for Salman Khan goes beyond their professional association. She has openly expressed her care and worry for his well-being, both personally and professionally. Watch the video to know more.

Rakhi Sawant, known for her outspoken nature and entertaining personality, has always been vocal about her concern for Salman Khan. She has expressed her admiration and support for the Bollywood superstar on numerous occasions. Rakhi Sawant has often praised Salman Khan for his talent, generosity, and philanthropic efforts. She has publicly stated that she considers him to be a true friend and a kind-hearted person. Rakhi has also expressed her gratitude towards Salman for his support and guidance throughout her career. In times of controversies or difficult situations involving Salman Khan, Rakhi Sawant has stood by him and defended him. She has shown her loyalty and belief in his innocence, emphasizing that he is a good-hearted individual who has made significant contributions to the film industry.

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