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Pooja Bhatt talks about the constant pressure on her for second marriage; says ‘I don’t want to be rescued’

Pooja Bhatt is under constant pressure for a second marriage and only if you think celebrities’ lives are different and they can happily let a single woman lead their life, then hold on to your thoughts, here’s a Bollywood actress speaking about how people constantly ask her to find her a man and she is fed up of telling them n no. In her latest interview with HT, Pooja Bhatt spoke about this She was even told to find a partner and she feels one shouldn’t find a man for a solution but he needs to be a companion. Also Read – Pooja Bhatt drops an adorable unseen picture with sister Alia Bhatt on her 31st birthday, calls her the ‘big girl’

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Pooja said,” I’m often asked, ‘Why are you not married, why are you single. You’re doing so well for yourself. You’re an attractive woman. Come on, we have to make you meet somebody”. The Big Girls Don’t Cry actress added her response to this constant push on her for a second marriage,”
I am like, ‘Boss, I don’t need to be rescued’.” She added, “Some people come up to me and say ‘shaadi kar le’ (get married), but kyun kar lun shaadi (why should I get married)? They want to introduce me to someone. But I’m not looking for an introduction. I’m not looking for a matchmaker. If the universe wants me to meet somebody, it will happen. It will be a companion, not a solution. A man cannot be a solution to a woman. We have to be able to walk our own path.” Also Read – Raha Kapoor resembles THIS member of the Bhatt clan feels grandfather Mahesh Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt is open to a second marriage but this one condition is valid to the point. In the same interview, the actress added that having a partner again in life would be the greatest gift. At the same time, she mentioned that she had a beautiful life and it’s not incomplete without any partner.

Pooja’s life journey has been inspiring, the actress became sober after being an alcoholic and today she is leading her life with utmost self-worth and dignity. Pooja Bhatt gave her life a second chance and the result shows why one should not take life for granted.

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