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Kill: Director Nikhil Bhat put THIS condition in front of stunt choreographers; shares challenges faced while filming gruesome action scenes [EXCLUSIVE]

Kill movie starring Lakshya Lalwani, Raghav Juyal, Tanya Maniktala, Ashish Vidyarthi and others is going to release on July 5. The movie has been termed as the most violent film ever made in Indian cinema. The reviews are out and Kill seems to be living upto its expectations. It is shocking, gory, violent and horrifying. We got into a candid chat with the director of Kill Nikhil Bhat who spoke at length about the shooting of the movie and more. Also Read – Kill Movie Review: Violence, gore and a little more!

Nikhil Bhat put THIS condition in front of stunt choreographers

I wrote down the entire action sequence. And when Mr Se-Yeong Oh came on board, I told him my the only condition. Normally in India, what action choreographers do is that they shoot the action sequences and they take over the camera. My only condition, precondition to Mr. Se-Yeong Oh was that I wanted him only to choreograph it and I told him that I will not let you shoot this because I want to shoot it. 70% of the film is action. So if suppose the action director is doing that, then what am I doing? Then I will be sitting on the side. Also the most important thing was behind all the action sequences there is a huge emotional situation which is preceding and even during the action sequence, it’s fully rooted in emotions. Every action sequence is an outcome of that emotional situation. I wanted to keep that emotional continuity and performance and not lose it even for a moment because if action directors start directing it they will not look at these things they will only look at how their action is looking in the film. Also Read – Kill trailer: Lakshya, Raghav Juyal starrer will give you spine chills; fans say ‘This is going to be next level’

Nikhil Bhat shares the challenges faced while shooting KILL

You know, the first and like the biggest challenge which I faced was the fact that one month before we began, I suffered a slip disc and I was told not to sit for more than 20 minutes. I was told not to stand for more than 20 minutes. I was going through excruciating pain every day and I’m doing an action film. So there were so many times when I had to show the action because I’ve written the action. So I have to show them and so many times I had to bend, lie down, even show angles to the camera. So on the set, there was a bed. So every time I would shoot something I would go and lie down on the bed, wait for the setup to happen and again get get off. It doesn’t improve if you don’t rest and that was impossible. Rest was impossible. When you’re shooting, there’s absolutely no rest. So that was my biggest and biggest challenge. It was also a huge challenge because my crew was standing in the same place. All the actors, action assistants are standing in the same place. My operating cameraman he used to there because he used to be holding the camera and he used to be amongst the actors, he always used to get hit every time every in every action sequence there would be. One huge challenge was, I was not shooting linear, so I was shooting non-linear. How do you match the continuity of blood? Also Read – Shanaya Kapoor puts up a sizzling fashion show in pretty bikinis at a friend’s 25th birthday bash [VIEW PICS]

Here’s a video from Kill screening

Nikhil Bhat also spoke about the actors Lakshya Lalwani, Raghav Juyal and Tanya and praised them for their dedication. Can more from the interview in the next segment. Stay tuned.

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