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Karmma Calling stars Varun Sood and Namrata Sheth share the magic of working with Raveena Tandon [Exclusive]


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Karmma Calling stars Varun Sood and Namrata Sheth share their experience of working with Raveena Tandon [Exclusive]

In an exclusive interview, Varun and Namrata couldn’t contain their enthusiasm as they opened up about their unforgettable journey with Raveena on the set of the film. They described Raveena as not just a talented actress, but also an amazing co-star and mentor who guided them throughout the filming process. Both Varun and Namrata emphasized how Raveena’s presence on set created a positive and inspiring atmosphere, making every day of shooting a joyous experience. They mentioned how Raveena’s warmth and down-to-earth nature made them feel comfortable, allowing them to give their best performances. The duo also praised Raveena’s ability to uplift and motivate the entire cast and crew with her infectious energy. They shared that her passion for the craft was truly inspiring and pushed them to explore new depths in their own performances.

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