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Juhi Parmar reacts to Kumkum sequel idea; talks about her new web series Yeh Meri Family [Exclusive]


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Juhi Parmar is seen in Yeh Meri Family. She has opened up about her new web show and also spoke about having a sequel to her popular TV show, Kumkum.

Juhi Parmar is impressing everyone with her performance in Amazon Mini TV’s Yeh Meri Family. She is seen playing the role of a simple mother. Nostalgia is the flavour of this series. It is set in the 90s era and has a beautiful story. Yeh Meri Family 3 also stars Rajesh Kumar, Hetal Gada, Anngad Raaj and others. Juhi spoke about her look in the show and why the audience should watch it. She opened up about actors getting new opportunities with OTT and whether OTT will overtake TV some day. She also opened up about the idea of having a sequel for her popular TV show Kumkum – Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan. She spoke about her costar from the show, Hussain Kuwajerwala. The actress also gave her take on the trolling happening on social media. Take a look at the interview above to know more.

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