Is Deez Nuts Guy Dead?



Since his rise to prominence, Welven Da Great (also known as the Deez Nuts guy) has been the target of numerous death rumours that have all turned out to be false.

Last July, rumours of Welven’s demise began to proliferate once more after fans showed their respects online. The story was however debunked when a buddy of his disputed it, stating that he had spoken to Welven the day before.

Rumours were also circulated years ago, with an obituary published on Dead Death prompting many to share and post about it on social media.

According to the most recent reports, the death of “Deez Nuts guy” was first reported on YouTube after a few videos there indicated the internet star had been discovered dead.

Because of these reports, Welven Da Great has since made a video on Twitter to assure followers that he is “alive and OK,” suggesting he’s still alive.

Who is the Deez Nuts guy?

In 2015, Welven Da Great, also known as Welvin Harris, became famous on the internet after he featured in a 15-second comedy sketch. Since then, he has been remembered for the phrase ‘Deez Nuts.’

The sketch is said to be a reference to Dr. Dre’s song “Deeez Nuuuts,” which was released on his first album, The Chronic.

After publishing the video, it went viral and Welven became an internet sensation, with a large following on Instagram.

Death of Deez Nuts bassist, Sean Kennedy at age 35

Welven Da Great is not the only one associated with the name Deez Nuts, as it is also the name of an Australian hardcore punk band.

The group, which was formed in Melbourne, Victoria, in 2007 and is most recognized for songs such as Face This On My Own and Cooked Smile, has amassed a loyal following.

In February, it was reported that Sean Kennedy, the guitar bass player of Deez Nuts, had died at age 35.

Some may have mistaken his death with that of Welven’s because of their similar connection to the term “Deez Nuts.”

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