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Hasbro Unveils New Star Wars Toys, Including Mace Windu Black Series Two-Pack

Hasbro, the toy company, has recently unveiled new Star Wars toys, including a Mace Windu Black Series two-pack. The announcement was made during Hasbro’s Friday Pulse event.

The two-pack features Mace Windu, a Jedi Master from the Star Wars prequel trilogy, and a 187th Legion Clone Trooper. The Mace Windu Black Series two-pack is part of Hasbro’s Black Series line of toys, which are highly detailed and articulated action figures aimed at collectors. 

The figures come with multiple character-inspired accessories and are designed to make heroic additions to any Star Wars collection. In addition to the Mace Windu two-pack, Hasbro also revealed other Star Wars figures during the event. The Vintage Collection Cassian Andor figure will receive a photo-real update, and there will be more two-packs featuring clones.

Overall, the new Star Wars toys from Hasbro are sure to excite fans and collectors alike. The Mace Windu Black Series two-pack, in particular, is a highly anticipated addition to the Black Series line of toys.

This latest release isn’t crafted from carbonized graphite, which means the armour lacks that distinctive metallic sheen commonly associated with it. If you’re one of those in-box collectors who appreciate even the minutest details, you might notice that the box art boasts a distinguishable variation in colour as well. Additionally, echoing its predecessor, the helmet of this instalment cannot be detached. It’s worth mentioning that this particular feature was exclusively reserved for the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con edition.

Preorders start today at 6 PM ET at Hasbro Pulse, Amazon, BigBadToyStore, and other major retailers.

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