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GH’s Jophielle Love Discusses Circus History and Her Hopes for America’s Got Talent

Jophielle Love, who plays Maurice Benard on GH, was invited to be a mystery guest on his video podcast, State Of Mind. Benard (Sonny Corinthos) and Jophielle Love (Violet Finn) recently shared a scene together for the first time, but they also like conversing off-camera. Love just turned eight years old, which may surprise you given how mature she is at her age.

Karine Mauffrey, a stuntwoman, and Jade Kindar-Martin, a high-wire artist with Cirque du Soliel, are her parents. Jo Jo was born for the stage and began participating in the festivities at the age of three. She then began acting at the age of five, as well as singing, composing, and dancing. 

The two began their conversation by discussing their first time working together, which prompted Benard to exclaim, “Wow!” ‘Now,is an actress.’ “I thought it was my first time working with you, and after that, I just saw how good of a person you were,” his young co-star said of her first impressions of him following their scene: “I thought it was my first time working with you, and after that, I just realized how good of a person you were.” I was in a wonderful mood because of that I met a new friend she said.

Love’s first acting role was a guest appearance on Grey’s Anatomy when she was five years old, thus General Hospital was not her first time on film. “I don’t remember much about it [the audition] because it was a long time ago,” Love says of auditioning for the role of Clervie. It had been three years.” She did, however, recall wearing a bald cap when playing a little child with a rare heart ailment. Grey’s Anatomy and GH both shoot in the same location, so she hopped from one hospital bed to the next. 

“I grew up performing Cirque du Soleil since I’ve been doing it since I was a kid,” Love said when Benard asked about her childhood.

It was when I was a baby,” she explained. “I used to do wild stunts on my father’s shoulders.” I used to be able to stand on his hand without slipping when I was old enough. He didn’t keep me in his grasp. I was only passing by. That was the first time I’d ever performed that trick.” 

Her father even appeared on America’s Got Talent, performing circus tricks, and Jo Jo expressed her desire to follow in his footsteps. The young actress, on the other hand, said she would rather be featured on the show for her singing or dancing abilities.

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