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Blac Chyna Claims Tyga Rejected Out-Of-Court Custody Settlement

Amid her highly publicized custody battle with rapper Tyga, Blac Chyna is opening up about the ongoing and often challenging situation between her and Tyga.

During an interview with The Bachelor star Nick Viall on The Viall Files, Blac Chyna, aged 35, shed light on the matter. In the episode which aired on October 26, she delved into the topic of co-parenting with Tyga post-breakup. Chyna candidly shared that the schedule underwent alterations due to her increased obligations, which subsequently overwhelmed her.

She said,

“For the first four years of Kingy’s life, I had him Monday through Friday. And then that’s when I had became pregnant with Dream. And it was like, the school and being pregnant and in a new relationship — it was a lot for me. So then that’s when our schedules had changed.”

Blac Chyna expressed that everything was going smoothly until the recent months of this year. She noticed a change when Tyga started keeping their son, King, for longer periods, coinciding with her legal case involving the Kardashians. This unforeseen turn of events led to an ongoing custody battle that Chyna hopes will be resolved soon. In addition, she claimed that Tyga adamantly refused any attempts to resolve the matter amicably outside the court.

According to her, they both do not need this. She said,  “We could’ve just had a conversation, man.”

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