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BL Awards 2024: Anupamaa fame Gaurav Khanna honoured with best performer award; thanks all fans [Video]


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TV’s popular actor Gaurav Khanna was recently honored with best performer award from Bollywood Life. The actor thanks his fan.

Anupama fame Gaurav Khanna honored with best performer award from Bollywood Life for his loving character, Anuj Kapadia. His talent and dedication truly shine through in every role he takes on. Gaurav has captivated audiences with his iconic performances in shows like Tere Bin, Prem Ya Paheli, and many more. But it’s his portrayal in Anupama that has truly won the hearts of fans everywhere. His character deeply resonates with the audience, and it’s no wonder he received such immense love. It’s wonderful to see Gaurav Khanna expressing such happiness and emotion while speaking. He took the time to thank his director, Rajan Shahi, as well as all his fans. Gaurav also mentioned that he may receive fewer awards in the industry, but the ones he does receive hold a special place in his heart. Congratulations to Gaurav Khanna on this well-deserved recognition!

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