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Bigg Boss 17 contestant Soniya Bansal lashes out at Poonam Pandey for faking death; says ‘She is not normal’


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Bigg Boss 17 contestant Soniya Bansal snapped in a blue bodycon dress. The actress lashes out on Poonam Pandey’s faking death incident.

People are in awe of every act of Bigg Boss 17 contestant Sonia Bansal. The actress has created her own identity with Salman Khan’s show. Recently the actress has been spotted where her reaction has been taken on Poonam Pandey’s act. Sonia Bansal has condemned this act. Not only this, he has also spoken on Arun’s rally. Bigg Boss 17 contestant Sonia Bansal is a social media queen. Sonia is often seen sharing pictures and videos with her fans. People are also impressed by the beauty and fashion of the actress. Sonia Bansal is an expert in posing in front of the camera. Every pose of his goes viral on the internet. The actress was spotted in Mumbai in a blue bodycon dress in which she was looking very beautiful. For more information please watch the video.

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