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Anupamaa weekly recap: Anu loses her Superstar Chef trophy; will Anuj be her biggest support? [Watch Video]


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Anupamaa had some amazing episodes this week. Anu won Superstar Chef competition but her happiness was short-lived.

Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer Anupamaa is the top TV show. It has been at the top of the TRP chart since it began. This week we have seen Anu winning the Superstar Chef. She was happily enjoying the success and even re-opened Spice and Chutney restaurant. Yashdeep made her the partner in the restaurant. She also appointed Toshu as a waiter and he was very angry on her. Later, we saw a downfall where cockroaches were found in the Biryani made by Anu. She was bashed and trolled. Yashdeep also blamed her for the problems but Anuj became her support. However, Aadhya and Shruti are not happy with this concern of Anuj for Anu. It will be interesting to see how will Anu get back her lost respect and fame.

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