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Anupamaa serial spoiler: Yashdeep gets possessive about Anu; Shruti stoops low by forcing latter to attend her wedding with Anuj

Anupamaa serial spoiler: The Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna-starrer TV show has hooked viewers to their television screens. Although ardent fans of MaAn are waiting for Anu and Anuj’s reunion, they are also liking the current track where both Anu and Anuj have decided to walk on different paths of life. In the past few episodes, Shruti’s character has been appearing on the negative side as she is seen finding new ways to hurt Anu by giving her reminders of how soon she will be married to Anuj. In the upcoming episode, Shruti once again tries to hurt Anu due to her insecure nature. On the other hand, Yashdeep’s love for Anu is now coming out through his possessive nature. Also Read – Rupali Ganguly aka Anupamaa’s costars Vaquar Shaikh, Kunwar Amar, Nishi Saxena and others share UNSEEN pics on her birthday

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Anupamaa serial spoiler

In the upcoming episode, Vanraj once again catches Pakhi with Aarush. Vanraj informs Pakhi that Arush is a fraud and how he fools people in the name of getting a visa and green card in the US. Vanraj insists that Aarush has the same intentions with her and how very soon he too will dupe her with all the money. Pakhi, however, refuses to believe Vanraj and instead chooses to trust Aarush. Vanraj straightaway tells her that if she will continue her association with Aarush, she has to leave Kinjal and Toshu’s house. Pakhi decides to leave Kinjal’s house and stay alone. Also Read – Rupali Ganguly aka Anupamaa celebrates her birthday in Goa with family; shares glimpse of her perfect holiday [View Pics]

Shruti stoops low by forcing Anu to attend her wedding with Anuj

On the other hand, Anu (Rupali Ganguly )has injured her right hand and she is worried about how she will participate in the cooking competition. She later decides that she will participate in the competition and cook with her left hand. As Anu and Yashdeep are having the above conversation, Shruti enters. Shruti invites Anu, Yashdeep, and the entire Shah family to her sangeet and cocktail night with Anuj (Gaurav Khanna)which will take place in two days. Shruti also informs Anu that the catering service she zeroed down on for the pre-wedding and wedding festivities has backed out and hence she wants Anu and Spice N Chutney to prepare food for her wedding and pre-wedding function. Yashdeep knows that Shruti just wants to hurt Anu, hence he clearly says to Shruti that her wish can’t be granted as they are already preoccupied with many bookings.

Anu later asks Yashdeep why did he lie, to which Yashdeep states that he doesn’t want her to get hurt. Yashdeep’s straightforward words put Anu in dilemma. She later tells Yashdeep that they will provide food in Shruti and Anuj’s marriage as right now they are in dire need of money.

Here’s a video of Anupamaa actor Rituraj Singh’s funeral below:

Now that Anu will be attending Shruti and Anuj’s wedding, it will be interesting to see how the wedding drama will unfold in the upcoming episode.

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