Who is Andy Corren, Writer of Reney Mandel’s Obituary Tribute?



The obituary of Reney Mandel, written by her son, Andy Corren in which he describes her as a “plus-sized Jewish redneck,” “bawdy, fertile, redheaded matriarch,” and “talented and gregarious grifter” has gone somewhat viral.

Let’s dive into all we need to know about Andy Corren.

Who Exactly is Andy Corren?

Andy Corren is the son of late 84-year-old Renay Mandel Corren? Andy Corren referred to himself as “favourite son, the gay one who writes catty obituaries in his spare time” in his mother Renay’s obituary.

He’s a talent manager based in New York City. He’s also written, staged, and acted in brief theatrical productions.

According to him, he lives in a “dirt hovel on the side of a mountain” and has brothers, although it’s unclear how many, as well as a dog.

What has Andy Corren made of his now-famous Obituary?

Several news organizations have written about Andy Corren’s creativity since publishing his obituary several days ago. Corren’s obituary was described by the Mirror as “hilarious” and “amusing.”

The first time he spoke about it publicly was on Instagram.

He said, “The British are so unctuous and supercilious like they don’t have, right now, a big old gasbag redneck grifting their country for all it’s worth, just like my beloved mommy did to her family.”

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