Who is Alice Bell, Courtney Roker’s Mother?



Alice Bell is a former WNBC-TV producer, the ex-wife of Al Roker, and the mother of Courtney Roker, 34.

In 1984, Al Roker married Alice Bell. He had been married before, but his previous marriage ended in divorce.

Three years later, in 1987, Bell and Roker adopted Courtney as an infant in 1987. However, they also got divorced in 1994.

Courtney Roker is now married to Wesley Laga. The wedding was held at the Ashford Estate in New Jersey.

Who is Al Roker’s current wife now?

Al Roker got married to his current wife, Deborah Roberts in 1995. They have been married for 26 years and together, they have two children, Leila (born 1998) and Nicholas (born 2002). They live together in Manhattan.

Deborah Roberts was born in and she is a TV journalist for the ABC broadcast network.

Was Al Roker’s daughter Courtney’s mother at the wedding?

While Deborah Roberts’s presence was obvious, it’s uncertain whether or not Alice Bell, Courtney’s mother and ex-wife of Al Roker, was there.

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